The Kotychi – Strofylia Wetlands Managing Body, following expressions of interest by young people in the region, has organised a network of volunteers for the purpose of guarding the protected region, preventing fires, conserving the rare Strofylia forest and the wetlands environments.

Volunteers have an opportunity of coming into direct contact with the natural wetlands environment, the forest, the beach and the National Park region in general through the programme, by volunteering and supporting the management tasks that are performed daily in the forest and the lagoons.

They will also be involved with activities that are not common place in their daily lives, come into direct contact with the Managing Body personnel and visitors to the National Park and shall gain valuable experience by actively participating in carrying out a community service.

Participants shall have the opportunity of being involved in activities related to the following sectors (without necessarily being restricted to these activities):


  • Collecting – classifying environmental date – field work;
  • Observing and recording species of fauna and flora;
  • Marking out paths and new routes, maintaining – repairing the existing;
  • Construction (e.g. info signs for paths and routes);
  • Guarding the protected region;
  • Fire safety;
  • Information – awareness actions – organising activities;
  • Organising and operating an environmental content library;
  • Producing informative material and promoting the Managing Body (Internet, Facebook and Twitter); and
  • Organizational support


Volunteers may participate in the programme throughout the year according to the Managing Body’s needs and the weather conditions. The area of activity shall be throughout the entire National Park, the wider Wetlands region and at predetermined locations.

The aim of the Managing Body is to establish a volunteer programme that will be implemented on an annual basis.

The Managing Body is convinced that participation by the local community and active citizens is the cornerstone in achieving this objective and invites you to participate in protecting and conserving the Kotychi – Strofylia region!

For further information contact the Managing Body via telephone on 26930 31939 and via email on or visit our Website on Facebook! Complete and dispatch the Application for Participation via email or fax (26930 31959).

Complete the Application for Participating in the Volunteer Programme for the Kotychi – Strofylia region.

We look forward to meeting you!

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