The Kotychi and Prokopos lagoons, as well as Lamia marsh are protected under the Ramsar Convention (1971), whereby they have been designated as wetlands of international significance and require protection (Legislative Decree 191/ 1974). The boundaries of the Ramsar region also include Strofylia forest (http:/ / From around 1998, 5 regions in the “Natura 2000” network have been detected that are divided into Special Protection Areas (in accordance with Directive 2009/147/EC) and Special Areas of Conservation (in accordance with Directive 92/43/EC) in the region within the boundaries of the Management Body’s territorial jurisdiction. These more specifically include:

  • 2 Special Protection Areas for Birds: GR2330009 (Kotychi Lagoon – Lehaina Salt marshes) and GR2320019 (Kalogria Wetlands, Lamia Marsh, Strofylia Forest).
  • 3 Special Areas of Conservation: GR2320001 (Kalogria Lagoon, Strofylia Forest, Lamia Marsh), GR2330006 (Kotychi Lagoon) and GR2330007 (Kyllini – Toumpi Coastal Zone).


A permanent Wildlife Refuge was established in 2002 in the areas of the Strofylia Forest Habitat, Prokopos Lake – Lamia with a surface area of 1,250 hectares (Decision No: 3734, OGG Β’ 39/18-01-2002).

Law 3044/2002 (OGG Α’ 197/27-08-2002) established the Kotychi Strofylia Wetlands Management Body to administer and manage the corresponding protected area, whose boundaries are defined in the maps attached to the OGG. The responsibilities of the Protected Areas Management Body have already been established under Law 2742/1999 (OGG Α’ 207/07-10-1999).

The land, water and marine areas of Kotychi lagoon, Strofylia forest and their wider (Achaia Prefecture – Ileia Prefecture) were defined in 2009 under JMD No: 12365 (OGG Δ’ 159/29-04-2009) as the “Kotychi – Strofylia National Wetlands Park”, with the boundaries and protection areas that are described in that JMD.

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