What to look out for

i. Enjoy nature and leave it free of rubbish – don’t wait for someone “else” to pick it up.

ii. Don’t play with fire! The pine forests easily “ignite” and are not forgiving.

iii. Opportunity for a walk! Leave your car in the established parking areas and leave the other areas to nature.

iv.Choose one of the hotels or rooms for rental in the region for your accommodation. Free camping is not permitted because it is dangerous, especially for the forest!

v. Turtles, finches and other animals species living in the National Park don’t want to move into your home – leave them in theirs.

vi. Some of the plant species living in the National Park are rare – photograph them but don’t cut them, they may be lost forever.

vii.Signs, information material and the Management Body’s personnel can provide information, so that your visit shall be enjoyable for everyone!

Good Conduct Guide

Behavior Guide
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