Black Mountains



The limestone hills of the Black Mountains dominate the northern part of the National Park. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Prokopos Lagoon, the Northern section of Strofylia Forest with the pine trees as well as the vertical cliffs of the Black Mountains from approximately 100 m.

Don’t forget your binoculars, camera and drinking water!

Access: From the shrine that is located on the Araxos – Kalogria Road, close to the chapel of Agios Petros, we follow a steep unpaved road as far as the timber kiosk or the Church of Panagia.


Duration: 20’ ascent

Links: 1000 metres in total


Prokopos Lagoon Ecotourism Centre

You will observe the wetlands and its winged residents (herons, coots, grebes, cormorants and black-winged stilt, depending on the season), the pine forest with trees reaching down to the waters and the Black Mountains that border the Lagoon on the north side from the timber houses on the banks of Prokopos Lagoon. You can ascend to the observatory Tory for an overview or walk around the small houses. Avoid walking in spring because many birds are nesting on the banks.

Access: you will find the small timber houses on your right-hand side, on the road from Metochi to Kalogria.

Duration: as long as you want

Links: 500 m south towards the Fishermen’s pelada (timber shack on the water)


Kounoupeli – Fire lookout station

Cape Kounoupeli is located in the middle of the National Park and is the western border for the prefectures of Achaia and Ileia. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Strofylia Forest, from the Black Mountains in the north to Kotychi Lagoon in the south, from the Fire lookout station at an altitude of 47 m. To the west you shall have an unimpeded view towards the beach and the Ionian Sea. Don’t forget your camera!

Access: from Old Manolada to Kounoupeli, at the end of the asphalt paved road we follow the gravel road on the left and ascend the hill towards the Fire lookout station.

Duration: 15’ ascent

Length: 800 metres in total

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