Welcome to the Web GIS Applications for the Kotychi – Strofylia Wetlands Managing Body.

You can navigate with the following applications:

Navigating the National Park


Surf the National Park through our mapping application! Discover information on environmental aspects of the protected region, such as the types of habitats and follow our suggested biking and hiking trails through the Protected region.

Pressures and Activities


Learn about the pressures that the National Park encounters through human activities and natural phenomena. Monitor the progress of implementing projects through the Managing Body’s opinions regarding land usage and authorised uses in the Protected and Wider Region.


Monitoring the Natural Environment


Search for information and learn about the plants, animals and the types of habitats frequenting the Kotychi – Strofylia Wetlands National Park.


Mobile phone applications:

Download the mobile phone mapping application and navigate the Kotychi – Strofylia Wetlands National Park on your mobile phone or tablet!

Visit the app store for mobile phones or tablets with the iOS operating system. Visit the play store for mobile phones or tablets with Adroid operating systems. Visit the windows phone/marketplace for mobile phones or tablets with Windows phone operating systems.

Search for the ArcGIS application, download and install it. Search for the fdks map on ArcGIS Online upon opening the ArcGIS application. Open the map by clicking on the logo.

You can immediately navigate the region of interest while also loading the map’s thematic layers.

You can also record your own comments regarding elements of the fauna, flora, human activities and infrastructure, by digitising points, lines or polygons on the application’s map.

You can finally add your photos as soon as you have taken them or attach a document or photo from mobile phone’s memory.

The application’s icon is:

A source of mapping data:

– “Programme for Monitoring Protected Region Environmental Data (MONITORING)” by the Environmental Enterprise Programme (EPPEP)

– Nat – Pro I1-3.2 – INTERREG Programme: Strategic plans for restoring, protecting & eco tourism promotion of Natura 2000 sites which have been devastated by natural disasters.

– Recordings by FDYKS (Kotychi – Strofylia Wetland’s Managing Body) staff

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